2,108 unique NFTs on the Fantom Chain!!

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The Spookiest NFTs on Fantom

Fant-O-Lanterns was created by a group of friends that are all avid followers of the Fantom Blockchain. We decided to create a unique collection of NFTs that would stand the test of time with their different and high quality art design, along with their awesome attributes. We hope you enjoy minting and collecting various traits while getting involved with our fun community! Happy Halloween! Stay Spooky!

All kinds of Spooky

Fant-O-Lanterns have over 90 unique attributes, from laser eyes, cowboy hats, to rainbow teeth, we have over 30 unique mouths and so much more! The combinations are truly endless in this collection. With unique weighted rarity %’s, you could find yourself with a rare Fant-O-Lantern! Don’t miss out on Fantom’s hottest NFT drop of 2021!


Launch Phase

Launch of the NFT on our website
Attribute and rarity sheet release to the public after minting is live
Listing on Paintswap for the secondary market, Artion to come when it is out of beta release
Will get FantomEye set up for our rarity

Phase 1

At 50% we airdrop 5x mints to 5 random holders of Fant-O-Lanterns. One person also gets 0.5% of total sales in FTM via a random selection. This will be awarded at the end of 100% so they get the full 0.5% of the project mint.
At 100% we also give away 5x mints to 5 random holders of Fant-O-Lanterns, One person also gets 0.5% of total sales in FTM via a random selection.
Spooky Halloween surprise party (giveaways, music, party time)

Phase 2

4 week lottery for holders which awards 4 winners weekly with $250 USDC
Giveaways for people holding: 3 or more, 5 or more, 10 or more
We will giveaway 1 Ancestral Uman to a lucky holder of Fant-O-Lanterns!
Other rewards to be offered to minters through discussion with the community.
Original minters of Fant-O-Lanterns will get access to the presale for our generation 2 NFT collection and presale discount


What was the motivation for this project?

How many different character attributes are there?

What’s the mint price? What is the collection size?

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